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    Who I am and why I decided to run for office?

    My name is Nicholas Robert Wayne Nelson and I am running for Allen County Surveyor. 

    I was born in Santa Clara California and lived there until I was about four years old. My mother and I moved out to Indiana with my stepfather who would then become my father.


    I have lived in the city of Fort Wayne for a majority of my life and went to Northrop High School and received my GED in 2013. I currently work for a non-for-profit company named Easter Seals Arc of Northeast Indiana. I started there back in 2018 as a Direct Support Professional working directly with the clients and instantly became in love with the field. I am currently employed with the company to this day and I enjoy what I do.  Before that I was in management in the restaurant industry and marketing for a local plastics company. 


    Currently I live in Fort Wayne where I am married to my wife Kayla and we have our beautiful son Theodore. We love the community we live in and are proud to call ourselves Hoosiers.

    In the past I have never felt I had the right to run for office. I am just a normal person like whomever is reading this. I work hard everyday to ensure my family has the life they deserve and all the happiness in the world.


    But right now this is the time when we need normal people like you and me to run for office, people who care about the communities and want to make a difference! I intend to raise my family here and I want the decisions that our elected officials make are exceptional  if they are to impact my child and future children. 

    That is why I am running for Allen County Surveyor.


    In the past my opponent has made decisions that have been detrimental to our local and county wide environments on all fronts. My opponent also refuses to take part in any environmentally initiatives or programs that would benefit our community. Without a clean water supply, what kind of future will we have? If trees are being uprooted from the ground, taking away nutrients from the ecosystems, what kind of future will we have? Over 2,500 miles of waterways and  beautiful ecosystems are at stake in this election, do we really want these to be in harms way? These are the questions and there are many more that I ask myself during this time of crisis we are in. 


    I am not an engineer, but I am a manager. If elected I will hire the best possible professionals to help me execute the duties of the office efficiently. A team of professionals that want to see a better future for the county and all its citizens young and old alike. I am going to fight to keep our community alive and thrive for years to come, an idea for the Hoosiers of this county to believe in. It will be an idea that outlasts us all. That is why I am running and hopefully you can support my campaign and bring change to Allen County!

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    Campaign Message

             "During this campaign I will fight to bring a better future for the people of this county. In this time of national crisis, I stepped up to do my civic duty when no one else would in a time when people need leaders they can look up to and lead them through the fire.

    This campaign will be about ideas that outlast us all and bring better change for our children. A future in which we have clean air, tall vibrant trees, and flourishing wildlife for decades to come.

              I believe for too long partisan politics have divided our country, our state, and our city. If I am elected I will not allow party politics to sway my decisions. I will take action upon the advice of the professionals I bring in to ensure safe and rational choices are being made for the betterment of our environment and our people. I encourage those that are disenchanted with the status quo to join our campaign and demand change.”

    Nicholas Nelson for Allen County Surveyor “A Brighter Future for Allen County” 



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